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Mate X: We put our smartphone on Huawei – 11/14/2019

Gradually, folding folding phones are no longer a simple promise and get a market segment. Nearly two months after Samsung sold Galaxy Fold for sale in South Korea, it was Huawei's turn to bring Mate X to the shelves in China.

Chinese manufacturers began selling their flexible screen smartphones for 16,999 yuan on Thursday (14) – but now it's Friday (15) in China. Tilt holds the phone before touching Chinese shops and says what it's like to use a telephone, a candidate to revolutionize the world of smart phones and star in disappointment this decade.

Tension holds the cellphone

The first challenge is holding the device. In a folded state, it looks like a conventional cellphone. Just behind, there is also a screen. Therefore, when holding it, it is inevitable to think of the number of fingerprints that will remain on the screen when the device is fully open.

Unfolding it is another strange thing. Every time I do that, I take care not to overdo it and ruin everything. Even with extreme caution, the smartphone hinges insist on allowing the cracking of something to break – the gap that precedes the thought, "hey, it got worse"; fortunately, no.


The key to folding and opening a screen is a combination of two technologies. The screen is made of OLED, an organic material which, being more flexible, allows it to be flexed without deforming. Underneath is a hinge, the mechanism responsible for folding the cell phone and is called the Falcon Wing.

The Mate X screen can take three settings. When folded, the main face is 6.6 inches and the other is 6.38 inches – which naturally makes it one of the biggest displays on the market. When opened, the screen reaches 8 inches, close to the size of the iPad mini.

When the cellphone is open, it makes sense to talk multitasking for a smartphone. You can use two different applications simultaneously, each on a half screen.

To open the device, you need to click on the small button just below the back camera. The power button is on the side and also acts as a fingerprint reader.

This design solution, where the buttons and camera are concentrated on the back and sides, makes the Mate X screen unbreakable, a detail that has become common on smartphones to accommodate selfie cameras.

If you are wondering if Mate X fits in your pocket, pay attention: open, 5.4 mm thick; closed, 11 mm.

Learn to use a camera

One thing that is hard to get straight off the bat is how to take a good old selfie. In fact, shooting in general is not something similar to what happens to other devices.

The smartphones we use usually come with several back cameras and one camera in front, a selfie camera. Mate X only has one set of cameras. On his back there are four sensors.

You can take a picture of what's in front of you with your cellphone open or folded. So far, there are no problems – the difference is that the image displayed on the screen by the folded device looks wider, but only prints; The result is the same.

Taking a selfie is something that requires you to throw away everything you have learned. In conventional devices, we are accustomed to clicking buttons to make the image displayed on the screen to be captured by the front camera. At Mate X, you only take selfies when folded and function like this:

  • main screen, you click the selfie button, and the back screen starts displaying what you take;
  • To take a selfie, you have to flip your cellphone to be framed by a quad set of cameras.

Home processor

This chip is the latest generation Kirin 980, equivalent to Qualcomm Snapdragon 855, and is a Balong 5000 modem, which gives access to 5G. Both components are made by Huawei itself.

The battery has 4,500 mAh of power. That's a good number, but you still can't be sure if he can handle the jerk to trigger this fold and unfold the screen.

Are you here to stay?

As of Thursday, the two main representatives of the folding mobile phone category were Samsung Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X. They won the company Motorola Razr. Yes, one of the sweetest cellphones of the 2000s has come back to life. It will still flip, but both sides of the device are one flexible display.

With a store date scheduled for January 2020, the new Razr will cost $ 1,500. With this cellphone, it practically changes the way you learn to interact with smartphones. But for this price, it might take a while before you want to fold the phone and put it in your pocket.

Huawei Mate X Data Sheet

Main Screen: 8 "Oled (2,480 x 2,200 pixels)
External screen: 6.6 "(front) and 6.38" (rear)
Processor: Kirin 980
Memory: 8GB RAM, 512GB
Battery: 4,500 mAh Fast Charging (SuperCharge)

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