MasterChef Professionals: Manoela says goodbye to the competition with interesting speeches from Paola


Kitchen chef Manoela Lebron was eliminated on Tuesday night (27) at MasterChef Professionals. The mining company prepared a "Colombian tray" version that did not reach the level used by judges Henrique Foga├ža, Paola Carosella and Erick Jacquin.

Although considered to be delicious, Manoela dishes are rated as "simpler" compared to Willian – the first to ride the mezzanine – and Heaven. Together with Rafael, both are semifinalists of this edition.

This test consists of making a number of recipes that will be randomly selected by the contestants in the MasterChef Professional book. At that time, Manoela turned to get curry, but to no avail.

"It's very difficult to synthesize my ideas during the race, I think I have to stop and think about what I will do, I do, do, do, and the results are not pleasing to the chefs or me. If I enter in automatic mode, I I thought I would say that I was very passionate about emotions, "Manoela said.

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"This is the irony of fate, being a very different dish and at the same time, something that is part of my culture, in my area." It made me so much that I didn't know much about me trying to take it to the side of Minas Gerais, but it didn't work, I thought I wasn't much … I didn't think. "

Apart from Heaven in the center of attention, Manoela listened to the alluring praise of Paola Carosella. "You have extraordinary talent that will help you a lot in life," he said.

In an inspiring tone, Paola highlighted Manoela's leadership position – which, according to the jury, was very difficult for a woman to assume.

Paola also accused the miner of the simplicity of the material and the feeling he promised when he entered the program. "You make high gastronomy respect its essence," he said.

Much touched by the jury's words, Manoela was asked to do an internship at Paola's restaurant, which he received. "Once again I identified with one participant," Paola said before bringing a competitor to the exit of MasterChef Professional.

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