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Malafaia criticized Bolsonaro for not inviting Magno Malta to serve

Jair Bolsonaro and Silas Malafaia
Silas Malafaia and Jair Bolsonaro in worshiping the Victory of AD in Christ. (Photo: Reproduction / Youtube)

The announcement of Deputy Osmar Terra (MDB / RS) as head of the Ministry of Citizenship and Social Action, on Wednesday (28), seems to have ended the hopes of Senator Magno Malta (PR / ES) to become government minister for Jair Bolsonaro.

He has been chosen as a favorite for that folder, but in the last few hours other names have been speculated, like what happened to Marco Feliciano (Can / SP). That choice did not please Father Silas Malafaia, who tried to name Malta.

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Malafaia came to hold Bolsonaro responsible for the defeat of the senator from Espírito Santo in this election. "The only person who can answer that Magnus has not been confirmed is the president himself. For me, Bolsonaro said three times that he was thinking of putting Magno in the Citizenship Ministry. I fully supported Bolsonaro, but I would not agree 100% for his actions. it's stupid. Malta didn't, lost the election for campaigning for Bolsonaro, "shot the Victory leader in the ministry of Christ.

Invited earlier this year to become a representative on the captain's plate, Malta refused and said he would seek re-election. Since appearing in prayer with the elected president in front of his house after the official announcement of the results of the second round, the evangelical senator was taken as the correct name in the ministry structure.

In the video recorded right after the end of the second round, Bolsonaro thanked God for putting Magno in "life" and made a promise: "He will be with me at the Planalto Palace. After all, he is a great man and extraordinary value."

Meanwhile, Magno Malta issued an official note on Wednesday, stating: "I am convinced that I participated in a major struggle to free Brazil from ideological bias. My ideal is to change politics in the country and that is the most important victory. Who chooses the ministry is the president, who got my support and wished him good luck with Minister Osmar Terra and the new government. God above all else. "

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