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Lotofácil lottery: lottery produced 4 millionaires for the 1876 contest

How do you play on Lotofácil?

Lotofácil is easy to stake and especially wins only by pressing numbers 15 to 18 of the 25 available. This is given if you press 11, 12,13,14, or 15 numbers. You can place your bets on Lotofácil up to one hour before the lottery on the accredited Lottery and on the official website of Caixa. This means you can register your game until 19:00. From Friday to the Lotofácil 1876 contest and for those who don't have time to go to the Lottery and place their bets, simply place your bet. Simple and easy, just be 18 years old and register, and bet your luck wherever you are. .

Lotofácil lottery: lottery produced 4 millionaires for the 1876 contest

What is the minimum bet amount for Lotofácil?

The minimum bet number of 15 figures from dozens in Lotofácil only costs R $ 2.00 (two reais), given that each bet requires a different fee, playing with 16 dozens, players have a higher chance of winning the 1876 contest. In this case betting this will cost the player 32.00 (thirty two reais), and with 17 numbers R $ 272.00, and with 18 dozens R $ 1,632.00, it is also possible to use "Surprise" to let the system choose the number for you.

Who can bet?

Bets can only be placed at 18 years or older. In accordance with Article 80 of the Statute of Children and Youth – Act 8069/90, those responsible for gambling companies will ensure that no games are permitted for children or young people who are only legally aged.

Who is responsible for the Lotofácil lottery?

Caixa Econômica Federal is responsible for the Lotofácil draw. From the same point of view, he is also responsible for the games played by Quina, Mega-Sena, Federal Lottery, Double Sena, Lucky Day and others.

Interesting place from Lotofácil if there is a winner in the 1876 Contest

Withdrawals can be made in an accredited Lottery box or at Caixa Econômica Agencies. Similarly, if the amount is greater than R $ 1,332.78. (Gross of R $ 1,903.98) Payments can only be made directly at the Caixa Econômica branch.

What is Lotofácil Independência:

Lotofácil Independência is a special contest that has a trading period of 30 days with independent betting and concurrent with other modalities competitions. In short, the contest is held in September every calendar year.

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