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Leticia Colin poses enchanted with her son on his arm


Leticia Colin
Letícia Colin is now Uri's mother (Image: Play / Instagram)

Happy life, Leticia Colin made his first Instagram post after the birth of Uri, his first child, the result of his marriage to Michel Melamed. On social networks, the actress published a classic photo after the baby's arrival.

"Thank you for the wave of love. We are born"Mom's subtitles. In the picture, Uri appears in Leticia's arms, while the two look affectionately by Melamed.

In the comments, friends have melted. "So pretty! Congratulations honey"Writing Marcelo Serrado. "Life! Lots of love and joy for you"Hopefully the Pillar of Patricia. "Beautiful! Congratulations!"Praise Fernanda Nobre.

In Stories, Colin took the time to talk with his followers. "Our normal delivery is extraordinary, Uri is amazing" Already an artificial mother, the actress stated: "I don't know how to say it, explain it, but he is very handsome"

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Leticia Colin Loving Moments with Friends

7 months pregnant, Leticia Colin expects her first child from Michel Melamed, her husband. However, the gesture of affection carried out by Pablo Sanábio's friend caused confusion among the artist's Instagram followers.

In a picture posted on social networks, the actor known as doctor Charles in the Under Pressure series, appears giving a kiss on Leticia's stomach.

"Do you know? I know … I love you, my friend"Colin's subtitles. "Love you"State the artist, who is gay and married.

However, the clicks generated some confusion among netizens, who questioned whether Pablo was the father of the artist's son.

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