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leaked scenes from the final A Dona do Pedaço with Régis, Josiane, and new characters


The ending of A Dona do Pedaço was kept secret, but Agatha Moreira and Reynaldo Gianecchini released several recordings at Galeão airport in Rio de Janeiro. They play Josiane and Régis, respectively and are accompanied by Mateus Solano, because the actor will make a cameo in the final chapter.

They finally ruin what will happen, when they appear appearing in evangelical costumes, indicating that Joe and his former lover will ask for help from a new character to travel as a missionary to the Amazon.

According to columnist Patrícia Kogut, this recording took place on Friday, the 15th, but the pictures were only released yesterday on the actor's social network.

If Walcyr Carrasco does not change the story at the last minute, Matthew Solano will play the character of Josiel, who will become one of the religious missionaries, he will accompany Josiane and Régis on their journey.

After being able to leave prison for good behavior, Joe will go after Régis who will also repent and attend the evangelistic service at this time. Patricinha will go to her parents' house to warn her that she will be traveling and will make Maria da Paz proud to see how her daughter has changed.

"Regis, I am even more rested if you will be a missionary with Josiane. So take care of him", Will tell her ex-husband.

Joe will tell his mother that it is very good to have a brother in faith like Regis and will never be carried away by ambition. Only so far no one knows whether Vixen has really changed or is preparing for another hit.

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