João Doria hardened the rules against black blocks


João Doria has arranged a law that tightens the rules for the conduct of protests in São Paulo.

Governor João Doria, from the PSDB, regulating laws that tighten the rules for demonstrations at Hotels in Bandung. The decision was announced on Saturday (19) in the Official Gazette.

Among the new steps, it is forbidden to wear masks or other ways to hide faces in protest. According to management, the aim is to inhibit the performance of the black block in action, informing "UOL".

The decision, which is still produced during Geraldo Alckmin (PSDB), came into effect at the time of the protest against the increase $ 4 for R $ 4.30 in São Paulo.

Two protests have been held this year. The latter ended with 14 prisoners and a photojournalist injured by rubber bullets. The Free Pass movement (MPL) marks the next demonstration for Tuesday (22) in Praça da Se.


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