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iPhone 11 Pro Max vs Galaxy Note 10+: Who bears the title of the best phone of the year? | Comparative

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Towards the end of 2019 and many are wondering: what is the best phone of the year? TudoCellular has chosen the iPhone 11 Pro Max as the most complete phone. Your problem is the price is a bit salty. Is this really the best purchase or does the Galaxy Note 10 Plus offer better value? This is what you see in this comparison.

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The design

Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus

Discussing the beauty is complicated, some prefer the look of the Note 10 Plus which is more square, while others consider the iPhone more beautiful. Let's be practical.

The iPhone has the advantage of being more compact, not a curved edge screen that enhances glare, and the less square design makes it more comfortable to use with just one hand.

The Galaxy has better front performance, only has one camera hole that steals less screen space than a giant iPhone, and has more modern color choices like Aura Glow with colorful effects.

Both build quality is the same. We have a metal phone with a rear glass. Apple claims that the glass used on the device is harder, but the reality is that the glass will break when it touches the floor … maybe not the first to fall, but one hour finally cracked.

On the back we have a more striking design on the iPhone and it doesn't please many people. The holes in the camera are large and offset from the rest of the back. Already Samsung has decided to bet on something that has won the public and copied the look of the P30 Pro.

Both have liquid resistance, which is IP68 certified. However, Apple claims its products can sink twice as deep as its rivals and are also resistant to soda and coffee. But keep in mind that the warranty is very limited regarding fluid damage.

Nobody has a headphone jack. Note 10 Plus has a microSD slot for you to expand storage. Which is the best in design?

Here we can do the first draw, because each has advantages.

Multimedia and Features

Screen and sound

When the Galaxy Note 10 hit the market it was chosen the cellphone with the best screen. Likewise with the arrival of the new iPhone. The truth is that OLED panels are both very good, both in color reproduction and brightness.

However, we must agree that 11 Pro Max is getting better here. Its brightness is superior to its competitors, and has higher contrast, making it more pleasant to view content on the screen even in direct sunlight.

And in the sound section? Both present dual speakers. In fact, the Samsung model has three sound outputs. There are additions above the device. With that he must surpass Apple's competitors, right?

Even though it only has two speakers, the iPhone 11 Pro Max has a more powerful and growing sound. In addition, there is a better balance between bass, midrange and treble.

Here we give two points to the iPhone for the screen and superior sound.


Already in the Apple model resources do not bring much news. It came with the iOS 13 factory, which is also available for a dozen branded models. You will have almost the same features on an updated iPhone.

Galaxy Note 10, on the other hand, is a feature not found on other Androids. It comes with S Pen, which makes it easy to take notes or even take pictures from afar. Movement to control the camera is supported, as well as scanning objects with your 3D Scanner. Have a desktop in your pocket? Note 10 also has a Samsung Dex differential.

In the biometrics section there is a Face ID that is faster and safer than the Galaxy face biometrics. However, the Samsung model has a fingerprint reader below the screen, which turned out to be more practical because it works well even in darker places.

Here the Galaxy Note 10 Plus takes the point to pack more features.


The iPhone 11 Pro Max debuts the most powerful Apple A13 chip available on mobile. And as expected, the Apple model was the fastest we tested. The Galaxy Note 10 Plus isn't even the most agile Android that goes through TudoCellular.

In benchmarks, the difference is even greater and Apple's hardware makes Exynos eat dust. Even the Snapdragon version is also far behind. Another thing to consider is that iOS flows better than the Samsung One UI. As fast as Note 10 Plus is, at one time or another it was choking.

In the game, both can run all the titles we tested as much as possible. So the advantage is with the iPhone 11 Pro Max again because some games run better on iOS than Android, like Gameloft racing games, for example.

There is nothing to talk about, the iPhone easily takes one more point for better performance.


Galaxy Note 10 has a bigger battery, more than 300 mAh of excellence. He is expected to outperform Apple rivals in autonomy, right? Well, once again Apple shows that iOS is better optimized than Android.

11 Pro Max produces 6 and a half hours longer in our standard tests, making it one of the best we tested. Now this story that the iPhone is a bad battery is over.

But what about refill time? This is another point that Apple still sins a lot. The company finally included a more powerful charger in the box that greatly reduced waiting times. However, here the Galaxy Note 10 Plus makes use of spending half the time in the socket.

Let's give one point to each: the iPhone has a longer autonomy, but the Galaxy refills much faster.


On the iPhone we have three cameras, while on the Galaxy there are four. The Samsung model features a ToF camera as a highlight that functions for 3D mapping and adding augmented reality effects to photos.

Both handsets offer ultra wide lenses and telephoto lenses. Samsung utilizes wider lenses by providing better quality photos with better color balance. Apple loses less quality by using optical magnification to magnify objects.

The Galaxy has a more efficient HDR especially when shooting against light, while the iPhone captures greater detail and less noise thanks to Deep Fusion which debuts with iOS 13.2.

At night they both took good pictures, but Apple's night mode was superior to its competitors. Not only are the photos clearer, but the iPhone can store more details and even go beyond the Pixel line which is synonymous with efficient night mode.

Each earns points because the iPhone and Galaxy excel in different scenarios.

Photos taken with iPhone 11 Pro Max

With the front camera, both the iPhone and Note 10 record good pictures, and Samsung has greatly reduced the effect of traditional candle figures from the front camera.

In selfies, the iPhone is better in light while the Galaxy is better at night. Portrait mode has better person and background separation in Apple models. Plus, there is a studio effect on 11 Pro Max.

Here the iPhone takes the point of having a better front for selfies and videos.

Photos taken with the Galaxy Note 10 Plus

In the video is where Galaxy takes advantage. The dual stabilization system is more efficient and the quality is almost the same. On the front of it is the iPhone's turn to take advantage by recording more smoothly at 4K at 60 fps.

Apple also wants to innovate with its slofie, which is an attempt to popularize the use of a front camera to make slow motion video.

Audio capture is great in both, but the iPhone records spatial audio effects, which gives you greater immersion when using the device's speakers.

In video, the iPhone is also slightly more advanced by recording in front of 4K60 and capturing space audio.


We arrive at the most painful part, at least in our pockets. Because we are talking about the most sophisticated mobile phones of each brand, they have very high prices in Brazil.

Samsung models can already be found around 5,000 reais. Is this expensive? Yes, but not as much as the iPhone, which costs 6,600 reais.

There is nothing to talk about, you pay less for the Galaxy Note 10 Plus and get a cellphone with four times the storage.

The point is for the South Korean model because it is much cheaper.


The iPhone 11 Pro Max is truly the best. He won the Galaxy Note 10, but the dispute was fierce.

If you want the best cellphone this year, invest in Apple. This is the fastest, has an excellent battery, impressive screen and sound and still takes good pictures.

However, the price is far more expensive than Samsung's rivals and for many people this difference is not worth it. The Galaxy Note 10 Plus offers the best value for money, and for many people it will be the best choice.


Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max: 8 POINTS

  • Good quality building
  • Best screen
  • A stronger and more interesting voice
  • Superior performance
  • Longer battery life
  • Good rear camera
  • Best for selfies
  • Video with better audio

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus: 5 POINTS

  • Good quality building
  • Feature packed
  • Reload quickly
  • Good rear camera
  • Lowest price

So do you agree? Do you like iPhone 11 Pro Max or Galaxy Note 10 Plus better? Our account in the comments below.

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