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Income paid today is the sixth batch of income tax returns. See where to invest money | Manage Account


The IRS pays today (18) to the taxpayer the amount that refers to the 6th batch of 2019 income tax returns.

Refunds from this lot will be fixed 4.02%, according to the period from May to November this year.

Look here if you are on the winner's list.

In total will be paid $ 2.1 billion, which also includes returns for the remainder of 2008 to 2018.

In this lot 1,365,366 taxpayers will be paid, of which 5,270 taxpayers are more than 80 years old, 32,641 taxpayers between 60 and 79 years old, 4,673 taxpayers with some physical or mental disability or serious illness, and 16,408 taxpayers who are sources of income the main is the teaching profession.

See payment date for future refund lots income tax:

Refund Date

The lot Date
6th November 18th
Seventh December 16th

Now that you have a date, how do you begin to think what kind of investment will be worth your money?

Asking what the best investment is like wondering what the best medicine is at the pharmacy. You need to understand your needs to get this answer.

"Investment is a means, not an end," said Bruno Ferreira Souza, a financial planner certified by Planejar (Brazilian Financial Planner Association).

He explained that when people receive money they don't rely on, such as tax returns, they tend to think that they might risk losing the money and risking more investment. However, we must respect each other's profile.

"With a decrease in interest rates, people want to be more profitable, but often do not know the risks they are taking. Investors cannot lose their financial reserves just because interest rates are low," José Vignoli, educator of the SPC Brazil Financial Institution recalled.

The Selic rate, the reference to investment interest, is at 5% per year, the lowest level in history, and is expected to fall further this year. Market expectations are a 0.50 percentage point reduction by the end of 2019, which can bring the Selic rate to 4.50% per yearaccording to the Central Bank Focus Bulletin projections.

Regardless of interest rates, Your first investment is making emergency backup, money that will be available if you do an unexpected extortion, – and additional income tax refunds are a good opportunity to get started.

The ideal is to keep an equivalent amount of between three and six months of income, but don't be paralyzed by it. Any value for beginners.

The best investment for saving money is that it offers liquidity, that is, it allows you to redeem money at any time.

In addition, it is important that this financial application is easy to change, so there is no risk of negative returns only when you need to withdraw money.

Therefore, the best choice is Government Bonds accompany Selic. Another option for those who start investing and don't have a lot of money is DI funds or postfixed CBD.

In the case of funds, administrative costs can be high and take part of the return. So, search simple funds with management fees under 1% per year.

In the case of CDB, the problem is that the rate of return may be below 100% of the CDI, an indicator that reflects Selic, the basic economic interest rate.

CDB earns 100% of CDI, in other words, will have exactly the same benefits as CDI variations over a certain period – or Selic. Look for a CDB that produces near or above it.

Besides emergency backup

Those who already have an emergency reserve invested there, yes, can focus on seeking higher returns to realize their long-term plans. That can be the next summer vacation trip, get married in a year, or graduate in three years.

It is important to first determine your financial goals and the time frame for achieving them. Only then is it possible to choose investments.

Anyone who can hold money longer and face more risk can invest in multimarket funds or equity funds, where managers invest in variable income products, such as stocks, for example.

Experts are betting that the Brazilian economy will recover in the coming years and with the growth of the company, Stocks must appreciate.

So there you have it: Keep an eye on the income tax return release schedule and the comparison between investments.

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