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Globo concludes the work "A Dona do Pedaço" – 11/19/2019

Director Amora Mautner intends to close on Tuesday the recording of "A Dona do Pedaço" and has already given vacation to the cast.

In the end, the need to bring work through Thursday, nearing the last chapter, was ruled out. There is also no talk of recording "alternative ends".

But for what?

As usual, from Globo's own interior and even official sources, the end of all soap operas was released.

"Dona do Pedaço" will be another one. As will come or be the other. There is a whole trade involved.

It is surprising why Globo, who was so careful in his achievement, did not give general attention to all soap operas. Stop that.

If it were not for other reasons, the respect that the audience deserved would be enough. Nobody likes to go to the movies knowing the end of the film. Novels, of course, should be no different.

Nathalia Dill is one of them

Nathalia Dill is one of the "owners of works"

Image: Cesar Alves / TVGlobo


And with soap operas at the last moment, it is certain that there is an "error" in choosing the title. It's better to be "The Wives of the Piece." In the plural.

Agatha Moreira, Nathalia Dill and Paolla Oliveira only took over the story and will appear as closing. Juliana Paes went as far as she could but was hampered by the development of the story.


Alok, a DJ and electronic music producer, closed with Netflix after seven months of trading.

The plan is to make a documentary, not a series, like Anitta.

Why not

The band provided full coverage of the U17 World Cup, including live broadcasts and Sunday's final against Mexico.

But with staff, narrators and commentators, in the studio and there are no reporters on the playing field. The game, incidentally, is played in Brasilia. That is not in China or Thailand.

For others

Globo makes U17 final, intense, and even complete throughout its programming.

To the extent that, in the aim of Brazil's victory, the narrator, Gustavo Villani's animation, was branded as a "relief of millions of Brazilians". It's hard to imagine what Villani might say in the World Cup final.

Journalism today

Journalist Rodrigo Viana, someone who has highway time, was the first to report the arrangement of MS Sports, the sports branch of Saul Klein, heir to Casas Bahia, with the Araraquara Railway.

That's news in front of everyone. It is good that this is clear, to justify merit and establish truth.

Rodrigo Sant'na also left

Rodrigo Sant's anna also left "Dolly"

Rodrigo Sant's Anna appeared on a TV show and fans questioned the alleged plastic – Photo: Reproduction


Secretly, "Dolly", aired on Saturday on Globo, is undergoing a process of changing new players.

After Dani Calabresa, Rodrigo Sant'na will also leave the program.


Saturday, Daniel Adjuto presented "SBT Brasil" for the last time and has fulfilled the notice. As stated here, your recruitment by CNN Brazil has been determined.

Adjuto will be one of the presenters of Brasilia.

In turn

The director of SBT journalism, when it came to Daniel Adjuto's departure, worked with the possibility of valuing home silver.

It is recognized that some of its producers, those who accept news and support news, can be promoted to become video reporters.

Presentation Day

Journalists Cassius Zeilmann and Daniel Adjuto, now ex-SBT, will do this Tuesday at the Brazilian CNN headquarters in São Paulo.

Moments for photos and official statement taking.


Yesterday, in Globo, through communication, was informed of the departure of Alberto Pecegueiro from the direction of the Globosat channel.

After 25 years, he decided to quit his executive activities at the company. It will remain until January past the baton.

Paulo Gorgulho, Joana Jabace and Hermila Guedes practiced

Paulo Gorgulho, Joana Jabace and Hermila Guedes practice in the "Second Call"

Image: Maurício Fidalgo / TV Globo


The artistic director Joana Jabace, in the center, guides actors Paulo Gorgulho and Hermila Guedes in the recording "Second Call".

In a scene that airs on Tuesday, Principal Jaci (Weevil) discovers that Professor Sonia (Guedes) is one of the clients of Giraia (Zé Trassi), a student who illegally sells drugs in the Carolina Maria de Jesus State School. .


BandNews debuted Sunday in the afternoon of the "Mar Brazil" series in five chapters on the struggle of experts, NGOs and fishermen to clean the sea. The presentation was made by Tamara Klink, daughter of browser browser Amyr Klink.

The first will show how climate change affects the marine biodiversity and coastal communities.

Knock – Rebate

* Everton reporter Di Souza, known for the recently fired SBT character, Fofoquito, auditioned on the Record …
* … It is possible he strengthened the "General Afternoon Balance" team in Sao Paulo.
* Mauricio Meirelles will record his solo performance "Taking the Chaos", this Wednesday, at the Prevent Senior Theater, in São Paulo.
* … There will be two shows at 18h and 20h30 …
* … And that will bring up a special on Netflix, available to streaming platform customers starting in 2020.
* Laércio Ferreira leaves the direction of SBT music …
* … The information is that the aim is to completely reformulate the sector.
* Leo Dias will rewrite the print newspaper. It hit Jornal de Brasilia. It began on December 15th.
* All Fox Sports programming was fully focused on Flamengo and River on Saturday, the final "Libertadores".

* Collaborating on Jose Carlos Nery

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