Gilmar called for rejection of Ciro Nogueira and Eduardo da Fonte


Minister of the Federal Supreme Court (STF) Gilmar Mendes requested today (13) a view of complaints filed by the Attorney General's Office against Senator Ciro Nogueira (PP-PI) and Deputy Eduardo da Fonte (PP-PE) for embarrassing crimes of criminal investigation.

Brasilia - Senator Ciro Nogueira, author of the bill that regulates the exploitation of game opportunities throughout the national territory, during the CCJ Senado session (Marcelo Camargo / Agência Brasil)

Senator Ciro Nogueira is the object of criticism of PGR at the Supreme Court – Marcelo Camargo / Agência Brasil

So far, the reporter for this case, Minister Edson Fachin, and Minister Carmen Lúcia chose to support receiving the complaint, which would make the defendant in the process. There is no provision to restart the trial. Also lost was the voice of minister Celso de Mello and Ricardo Lewandowski.

According to a complaint filed by the Republican Attorney General, Raquel Dodge, in June, lawmakers will realize the threat to witnesses of the ongoing investigation at the Supreme Court.

According to the investigation, witnesses came to testify to the Federal Police (PF) and were included in the program to protect threatened witnesses, in addition to receiving $ 5,000 to remain silent.

In the investigation, Ciro Nogueira's defense alleged that the Federal Public Ministry could not identify senatorial behavior which could be considered a crime. Eduardo da Fonte said that there were no crimes against justice, because the witness did not tell the Federal Police to change his testimony.


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