Monday , June 21 2021

Get to know the audience of the last chapter of Segundo Sol

On the evening of this Friday (9), TV Globo showed off the last chapter of the Segundo Sol novel. In the audience, the plot, played from 9.30pm to 11:15 pm, gained 40 points in Ibope's average preview. Such an index is lower than the last chapter of its predecessor, The Other Side of Paradise.

Check the ranking on time:

Globe: 40 – 55% shared
Record: 8
WNB: 7
Band: 1
RedeTV !: 1

72% of devices surveyed by Ibope are connected during the program. Previous data from IBOPE Kantar Media, each point representing 70,559 households and 245,702 people in the Greater São Paulo.

Audience from the previous novel

The Other Side of Heaven: 46 points

The Force of Will: 49 points
The Law of Love: 37 points
Velho Chico: 34 points
The Rule of the Game: 41 points
Babylon – 33 points
Empire – 44 points
Family – 35 points
Love for Life – 48 points
Avenida Brasil – 52 points
Fina Estampa – 47 points
Foolish Heart – 47 points
Passione – 52 points
Living the Life – 47 points
Way of the Indies – 55 points
Favorita – 50 points
Dua Wajah – 47 points

Find out what happened in the last chapter of the plot:

Immediately in the first scene of the last chapter, the public became worried, with the kidnapping of arocaro (Chay Suede) and Rosa (Letícia Colin) sons. As a way to get money, Laureta (Adriana Esteves) and Karola (Deborah Secco) decided to kidnap Miguel Little. Desperate to see his own mother going to shoot Valentine (Danilo Mesquita), Karola was in front of the boy, and finally died. Even in prison, the big criminals from the flyer, moreover, continue to live a luxurious life, with the right to various benefits and special treatment in prison.

After being a bad husband for Nice (Kelzy Ecard), Agenor (Roberto Bonfim) ends up blind and runs the risk of losing his leg due to diabetes, while his ex-wife marries Vicente (Jayme Periard). After many ups and downs, Maura (Nanda Costa) finally lives with Selma (Carol Fazu), while Ionan (Armando Babaioff) returns to Doralice (Roberta Rodrigues).

In addition to making peace with his entire family, Roberval (Fabrício Boliveira) recaptured Cacau (Fabula Nascimento), giving up living abroad, to live with him, in an interesting and interesting order.

While Rosa is pregnant again, now from Valentine, Icarus finally ends up happy with shells. Remy (Vladimir Brichta) is responsible for taking care of Laureta's business, which, in turn, also applies to a deputy.

In the presence of his beloved wife, Luzia (Giovanna Antonelli) and the whole family, Beto (Emílio Dantas) waved a trio of electricity at the end of the Second Sun.

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