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Find out when your pressure is considered high


Do you know how much pressure you have? Or how much should he measure? Measuring pressure values ​​can be done easily. Some pharmacies and health centers even measure it free for the population. This is a way to check whether the pressure is too good, too high, or too low.

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The pressure that is considered optimal is when it is in the range of 12 x 8, or 120 x 80 millimeters of mercury (mmHg), as experts call it. According to Revista Saúde, there is consensus in the Brazilian Cardiology Association that when the value is between 12 and 8 and 14 by 9, the patient experiences prehypertension.

On the other hand, American medicine regards this value as "high blood pressure", according to Health Magazine. Values ​​above 13 by 8 are considered, in fact, hypertension.

These values ​​must activate warning signals from the affected person, but are not a cause of panic, because the threat of stroke is more likely to occur in those whose blood pressure is greater than 14 times 9.

So that this does not happen, it is important to always be on the lookout for pressure, especially if there is a family history. Health Magazine states that expert advice is to check pressure at least once a year.

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