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Most traditional chains in this segment, McDonald's will offer potatoes and double nuggets on Black Friday (photo: McDonald's & Disclosure
Most traditional chains in this segment, McDonald's will offer potatoes and double nuggets on Black Friday (photo: McDonald's' / Disclosure)

Let your nutritionist not read us, but the most popular Fridays from this year's capitalist calendar, too, must carry the most multiply titles. Marked for the 23rd, with events extending throughout November, the Black Friday mega event has gained weight from a fast food franchise, – which of course leaves the task of fighting the excesses of the end of the year even more difficult.

Candy promotion circuits, however, are more profitable for those who accompany them, willing to share food, because most networks prefer to bet on abundance, at the expense of falling prices. Namely: most of the available offers advertise more food for the same value that is practiced in everyday life. The period also provides discounts that guarantee a little help to consumers, although it is less attractive than those who marked the segment last year.

The Bob maybe it's the most generous brand in terms of reduction. With 13 units spread throughout the capital, the franchise has been campaigning since yesterday (14), offering discounts of up to 90% on its products. This means that fs from milk shakes for example, having the opportunity to taste a glass of P-size drinks, usually selling for $ 5.50, less than R $ 1.

To make snacks complete with sandwiches, chips and soda, just pay more R $ 10I care about that Big Bob Craft Trio, with all three items, costs. The usual cost is $ 30, depending on the ingredients and size of the delicious food. To enjoy the benefits, you need to register online online, where several coupons are offered. The more totes people use, the more votes are blocked. Its advantages also increase progressively.

Famous for
Famous for its generous portions, Burger King has so far only announced a discount on shipping costs (photo: Burger King / disclosure)

A similar scheme was adopted by Pizza Hut, even with a little virtue. Between 19 and 23 months, more than 34 companies on the network (six of them in BH) promised to cut half the value of various products, such as the famous pizza pan in the size and taste chosen. One round pizza big from R $ 52 reais, so it can be sold for R $ 26. More traditionally among what is called junk food (English espresso used to classify foods with high levels of calories and low nutrient content), McDonald's will not anticipate royalty distribution. From Friday to Sunday, anyone asks french fries and nuggets (selling for $ 8.50 and $ 9.50 per pore, respectively) take it all double. This offer is valid for product purchases and single combos.

Famous for its abundant pores, Burger King, this time seemed to disappoint his client. The company that debuted in Brazilian Black Friday last year offering large bins so far only announced small shipping rates for consumers ordering through newly launched shipping applications. "I really hope for more. Burger King is my favorite fast food. If I can, I will have one in my living room so I can eat delicious big sandwiches every day. But okay, I can only accept & # 39; po-durice. 'Discount mixes are even better than none, "according to Izabela Dutra's social media. Everything shows that the strategy of establishment attracts consumers with newness. The house yesterday launched two desserts: milk shakes and ice cream, both large, and with many folds reinforced with chocolate pieces. This product is offered at R $ 9.90 and R $ 9, respectively

I honestly expect more from Burger King. my favorite fast food. But okay, I can only accept & # 39; po-durice & # 39;


Launched by Bob on Wednesday, the black skirt came out of thanksgiving on the 23rd for those who bought the trio (photo: Bob's / Disclosure)

Bob's network seems willing to compete with competition in his own creativity. On the 23rd, marking the turn of Black Friday, customers who bought one of the trio from cardio took the Black Sundae, a launch that took place simultaneously in 184 cities in Brazil. Ice cream is washed with chocolate syrup, oval and crispy biscuits. Another innovation promised by the franchise is a black barrel, with chocolate ice cream and crunchy crispy bean beans. "To be a differentiator for our consumers in this period, integrating cardio networks for a limited time," said Carlos Pollhuber, Marketing Director of Bob.

With their peace of mind that has clear advantages in the shipping war and has just pocketed $ 500 million in contributions from American company Innova Capital, the Ifood application hasn't announced its plans for the sixth economy, but barely missed the opportunity to repeat the good performance we got at the previous event , which ensures an impressive 208% growth of the company. Tip for those who prefer to eat at home, thus avoiding crowded lines and malls that display this time, activating app notifications to keep up with your lightning wishes.

Ifood's good moment reflects, in part, that of Brazilian e-commerce, in general. Conclusion of E-bit site analysts, who specialize in virtual consumer behavior. According to a survey released in early September, the sector expects to grow 15% on this Black Friday.

Cut graa and coupons

Cheap gastronomic cardpio is also included fried chicken I love KFC, which did not enter Black Friday with the same aggressiveness last year (two large buckets of chicken at one price), but distribute discount coupons on your website. Gourmet fast food will be represented by a restaurant Outback and Apple Bees. First formation to lighten account with two free straps per client between November 21 and 23.

Whatever in the pocket of an ordinary student is a joy!

Marina Martins, 18, university

The second, in turn, places one of the most valued dishes by the parish, The Baby Back Ribs, for R $ 19.90this, less than half the price usually, around R $ 45. Students Luisa Salgado, 18, and Marina Martins, 21, celebrate courtesy. "Look, university people, right? I and beauty, or the apprenticeship we received, because we just went to college. We love Apple Bees and Outbacks, but our constant, good violence, typical of every student sometimes makes us sit to smile and share the draft! ", Confesses Marina.

One serving for half the price means that friends can sample dishes that are usually expensive for their bags. "Request or Uber money! It's the same birthday, when our parents pay, we go to the restaurant. Every little game in the student's delicate pocket is joy."


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