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Farm 2019 has a voter thriller, Hariany snaps, and Viny complains


Monday at The Farm was marked by hopes for the formation of the field, which happened tonight. Farmer this week Diego Grossi said he had not chosen who would be his candidate, but whoever was in sight.

"I thought of all the possibilities, nothing in my favor. I could choose each of you, but that would only make it difficult for me. If you put one of them together [Netto e Vinny] or one of us from the old Lua group, I will get complicated, "Diego said.

Then Thayse remembered that the strength of the lamp with him could change the whole dynamics of the election. "I will reduce what makes me more difficult. Everything will depend on the lamp there. But I know I will make it difficult," the farmer concluded.

Hariany thinks he will be Diego's target on the field

While Thayse was preparing a pedestrian lunch, Hariany spoke with Lucas and admitted that he was afraid of the establishment of the park. He was at the stall after losing a fire test to Thayse.

Hariany Almeida at The Farm 11 (Photo: Playback / PlayPlus)
Image: Hariany Almeida at The Farm 11 (Photo: Playback / PlayPlus)

"He did not speak to me properly, I felt he was a bit strange. He never made a point to interact with me, but I feel that he is different now," complained the Goiana.

"If he sends one of us, he will compromise," Lucas said. Lucas, Hariany and Diego are part of the same group, the Lua team, but with the team that left, the pawns now choose and compete separately.

Lucas ran away from the pig during the assignment

Responsible for one of the hardest tasks of the week dealing with pigs, Lucas asked Hariany to help clean the cage and escape the animals to distract them while Goiana entered the place.

Play / Play Plus
Image: Playback / PlayPlus

"Guys, I'm going to be bitten, this is today," laughed Lucas, who had escaped from the pig that was roaming the cage for a few minutes. The couple laughed a lot and had fun during the assignment, and Lucas avoided being attacked by pigs while Hariany cleared.

Hari warns Lucas not to hurt himself and is bitten by a pig, and after about an hour the couple completed the agreement and returned to headquarters for breakfast. By being in the bay, Hariany can help all pedestrians during this week's assignments.

Viny complained about audience ratings

Speaking to Netto about the attitude of the former Lua team pedestrian, Viny complained that the public preferred boundaries like Hariany and Lucas. For humorists, those who watch reality do not see what is really happening at home.

Play / Play Plus
Image: Playback / PlayPlus

"Who wins here is not the person who needs it and does the right thing, it is the person who doesn't tell the truth. This is crazy about this crazy asylum, not knowing what is happening outside," complained Viny, who also said he was more like to go. to the garden near the oath of the house.

"If Diego tells me, it's only the right to answer. But if I go around the house, with four, five votes, Mion will ask what I think about it, and that is the right opportunity to say," he humorously.

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