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Faithful chose Cssio as the best in the field on a night of bad ranking; the worst gringo

Looking to approach a place in the Libertadores Cup in 2020, Corinthians only scored a goalless draw against Internacional on Sunday at the Arena in Itaquera for the 33rd round of Brasileirão. And Timon's wise performance was reflected directly on the board Cheerleading Noteshere My helmet.

In a low ranking night, Fiel chose experienced Cassio as the best Corinthian player on the field. With important defenses throughout the match, the goalkeeper did not compromise and even avoided a reverse setback in São Paulo. With this, on average 5.7.

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Complementing the podium with the Corinthian idol was defender Gil, who intercepted interception occasionally and received 5.3 average. The young striker Janderson, who is trying something new in the offensive sector of Timon, appears behind, with 5.2.

On the other side of the coin, the name clashes with the worst on the field: midfielder Sornoza. After going through many mistakes and a little contribution to the creativity of Dyego Coelho's team, the Ecuadorian was only left behind 1.4. Ralf's steering is the second worst 2.6.

Look at the Corinthian crowd records

Match star
Average Rating: 5.7
Rating received: 682
Fagner Defends LemosFagner
Average Rating: 4.4
Rating received: 683
Manoel Messias Silva CarvalhoManoel
Average Rating: 4.0
Rating received: 681
Carlos Gilberto Nascimento SilvaGil
Average rating: 5.3
Rating received: 679
Danilo Fernando AvelarDanilo Avelar
Average Rating: 3.6
Rating received: 678
Ralf de Souza TelesRalf
Average Rating: 2.6
Rating received: 680
Ocimar de Almeida JJunior Bear
Average Rating: 3.6
Rating received: 684
Nazareno Junior Sornoza MoreiraSornoza
Average Rating: 1.4
Rating received: 695
Mateus da Silva Vital AssumpMatthew Vital
Average Rating: 2.9
Rating received: 676
Janderson Santos de SouzaJanderson
Average Rating: 5.2
Rating received: 680
Mauro BoselliMauro Boselli
Average Rating: 4.9
Rating received: 688
Clayson Henrique da Silva VieiraClayson
Average Rating: 4.5
Rating received: 680
Vagner Silva de SouzaLove Vagner
Average Rating: 4.1
Rating received: 668
Gustavo Henrique da Silva SouzaGustavo
Average Rating: 3.6
Rating received: 670
Dyego Rocha CoelhoDyego Coelho
Average Rating: 4.7
Rating received: 665
Marcelo de Lima Henrique
Average Rating: 3.4
Rating received: 551
Total Votes: 10,740

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