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Dr. Rey visited Bolsonaro to ask for service but was not accepted

Plastic surgeons and presenters want to master Health or whatever the cost; he intended to make another attempt to find the elected president

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9 November 2018, 15h33 – Published on 9 November 2018, 12:55

Plastic surgeon and presenter Robert Rey, known as Dr. Rey, making yet another political adventure on Friday 9. Rey, who has established himself as a pre-candidate for the Republican President but has failed to elect a federal representative, visited the condominium where President-elect Jair Bolsonaro (PSL) lives, in Barra da Tijuca, with the purpose of offering to occupy the Ministry of Health or "if not, any fees".

The presenter was not accepted by the elected president, who at that time met with the ambassadors of Germany and Argentina in Brazil. "It was scheduled at home at 10 o'clock today, but the teams in Germany and Argentina finally got priority for obvious reasons," he said on his Instagram account, stating that the son of the president, federal representative was re-elected Eduardo Bolsonaro (PSL) -SP) , has agreed to reschedule the visit.

In November 2017, when he was still considering leading the country, Dr. Rey interviewed VEJA where he would bring the system to Brazil "which has nothing to do with anything." "This is the system itself, the free market of America. So called free market communitywhat matters is the individual. I learned that there is no statism, left or right, that works, "he warned.

He also shot the same target today as the Integrated Health System (SUS), which said he had "more horror than in the concentration camps I visited in Germany." At the entrance to Bolsonaro's house, Dr. Rey said that if elected as Minister of Health from the next government, it would end the system. Another chosen business card, he said, is to be "from the media." "I am from the media, how wonderful it is to have media representatives in the government," he said.

Before making an effort to speak with Jair Bolsonaro, he admitted that he had little chance of being elected. "Maybe he [Bolsonaro], laughing at my face and I left, but it didn't matter, "he said. When leaving, he did not speak to the press but only said that he was" in the hands of the elected president. In an effort to fill the vacancy in the Chamber, by DRR from São Paulo, obtained only 13,321 votes, but he was not elected.

It is not known whether Bolsonaro will laugh at the idea, because the elected president did not accept the candidate minister. But the fact is that, initially, the more cited name was indeed one of the doctors Henrique Prata, director of the Barretos Cancer Hospital. Because Silver has lost strength, the most talked about now is Rep. Mandetta (DEM-MS), one of the first allies of the current Speaker of the House of Representatives.

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