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Dirty names in SPC / Serasa? You may have credit cards and restrictions in Santander and not even imagined

At present, around 63.2 million consumers have debts that are due and due, without hope credit in the square. It turns out you can get credit cards and overdrafts and payroll credit limits and never even imagined. Leandro Vieira, from Credit Card Channels, High Earnings interviewed one of his customers who got a credit card and personal payday loan at Banco Santander even though it was negative. Find out the conditions, and what you need to do to try credit in Santander even if you are negative.

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Dirty names in SPC / Serasa? You may have credit cards and restrictions in Santander and not even imagined

Santander Bank

Banco Santander is the third largest private bank in Brazil, and is famous for being generous in releasing credit limits for customers who have low, or even negative credit scores at SPC and Serasa. According to the latest information available in 2016, the bank has a base of more than 34.3 million customers in the country.

Free Santander Card

The free Santander credit card is one of the most popular credit cards today. With it, you are released from annual membership by accumulating purchases of $ 100 every month, and you can still count on all the benefits of the Gold Mastercard banner. Learn more about this credit card, in this article here, which we previously published on the Your Digital Credit site

You can have credit cards and restrictions in Santander even with dirty names

Leandro Vieira recently posted on his YouTube channel a customer account that was approved even with negative CPF. Pedro Vinicius needed credit in the market and couldn't get it at all. His name was negative for four years and no financial institution gave him credit.

How Pedro works with a signed portfolio and receives monthly payments at Banco Santander. With this, Leandro suggested by e-mail that he tried to apply for credit, because his relationship with the bank was good, and it was very possible that he limited overdrafts, payroll loans, and credit cards.

Pedro applied for the card through the Santander Way Application and was approved on the Free Santander credit card with a limit of $ 2,000. After that, he got a $ 8,000 salary loan.

Since most people do not know this, we decided to publish this article, so they know about Leandro Vieira's channel, and at the same time know the possibility of getting credit even with dirty names.

See the video below:

Note that it is important to clear your name and restore your finances as soon as possible. So, even if you get credit, use it sparingly, and try to use credit only for that. look at that here in this articleHere are some tips on what you need to do before clearing your name in Serasa Clean Name.

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