David Hockney's chart set a record for artists directly at auction in New York – 11/16/2018


The painting "Portrait of Artists (Pool With Two Figures)," by British painter David Hockney, reached a record price for a work of artists who lived when sold on Thursday by more than $ 90 million, with fees and taxes included, at Christie's auction in New York.

This work easily surpassed the previous record of $ 58.4 million paid by one of Jeff Koons's "Balloon Dog" in 2013.

"Pool With Two Figures" was welcomed in Christie's room with the murmur of enthusiasm from those present and, after starting the auction, which began at $ 20 million, reaching $ 60 million less than half a minute and finishing at $ 80 million after " a long and tense battle.

So, when adding the tariffs and taxes the buyer has to pay, the discount reaches $ 90,312,500, which exceeds more than 30 million of the historical number of their Koons and balloons.

Hockney's work, made in 1972, is considered to be one of the three most important works by 81-year-old British artist, and combines two of his favorite themes: swimming pool and multiple portraits.

In the same auction, another Hockney work, "Sprungbrett mit Schatten (Paper Pool 14)", which was painted in 1978, sold for about $ 6 million to $ 8 million and was eventually bought for more than $ 7, 2 million.

The British painter, who became famous in England in the 1960s, became one of the most popular living artists, even though his work was initially not taken seriously by the bright colors and realistic figures he used.

However, Hockney is currently living a commercial revival and reputation thanks to recent retrospective three, including one at the New York Metropolitan Museum and another in Tate Britain which broke public records.

Experts point out that Hockney's notes and other sales that occurred this week, the most important this year, showed that the market was tilted by direct artist pieces in reaction to excessive prices from classic works.

They also stood out at Christie's auction today "Rust, Blacks on Plum" by Mark Rothko, painted in 1962 and in the hands of the rich and powerful De Menil clan since 1979.

Abstract Expressionism has been evaluated by Christie with a minimum value of $ 35 million and a maximum of $ 45 million, but only managed to surpass the lowest estimate of $ 35.7 million.

In turn, "The Study of Henrietta Moraes Laughing", painted by Francis Bacon in 1969, exceeded the price estimated by experts from the auction house, between US $ 14 million and US $ 18 million, when it sold for $ 21.6 million.

Also enthusiastically received was the statue moved by Alexander Calder, "21 Feuilles Blanches," one of his most representative parts, which was executed in 1953, which had been awarded an estimated value of US $ 5 million and US $ 8 million. , but reached US $ 17.9 million.

With a much simpler profile, he arrived at Christie's auction window today, a Philip Guston pencil drawing that has an estimated value of between $ 300,000 and $ 500,000, and for which someone is willing to pay more than US $ 3 million, six times the amount higher than the maximum estimate.

Other stars today include "Discography Two" by Jean-Michel Basquiat, where they paid $ 20.9 million, Richard Diebenkorn's $ 22.5 million "Ocean Park # 137" and "Untitled" by Christopher Wool, who sold for $ 15.2 million.

Contemporary art sales are on the rise, as indicated by this week's New York auction house auction, the amount offered today by Sotheby's House, which estimates sales of $ 1.6 billion this year, 22% more than in 2017 .


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