Chico Pinheiro was threatened by the teacher: & # 39; he must be hanged & # 39;


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TV journalist Globo Chico Pinheiro was threatened on a social network by a man named Luiz Antônio Lacerda, who called himself a professional trainer.

"Chico Pinheiro and his entourage must be hanged. It will be cheaper. Liars, obedient, profiteers, and distort the facts with bad comments," the man wrote.

Chico reacted and asked: "Teacher, is this everything you post on your profile? Master of Management at FGV? I am afraid that the threat will be hung."

According to UOL, the man said he worked at FAESA, a university center. Chico accused the agency with an explanation of comments written by Lacerda.

FAESA responded on social networks and said that teachers only act as collaborators.

"Chico Pinheiro, we are very surprised to see your tweet! We clarify that this professional is not part of our staff. However, we emphasize that the comment completely disagrees with the values ​​of the Institute," FAESA wrote on its official page on Twitter.

"We reaffirm FAESA's commitment to diversity and plurality of opinions, as well as respect and use who are responsible for freedom of expression. We clarify that the CET-FAESA unit promotes several occasional courses in partnership with other companies (in this case, the Business Training Network). stressed that this professional is not part of the FAESA faculty. We guarantee that this partnership is being re-evaluated. Facing this, we inform you that the partnership for courses 04/02/2019 is suspended and the training, which will be given by Mr. Luiz Antio de Lacerda, is canceled, " added the organization.

Luiz Antônio Lacerda deleted his Twitter account.


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