Celesc warned that there were no errors in the light bills, but consumption increased Estela Benetti


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The January electricity bill arrived at the residence of Santa Catherine with a value far greater than the average year.

This has caused many Celesc customers, state electricity companies, to complain about higher costs and even suspect errors in reading consumption.

As a result, Celesc released an official statement on Friday night, explaining that bills rose due to higher energy use, especially with air conditioners (read note below), according to temperature records.

Official announcement:

Regarding consumer statements about energy bills issued in January 2019, Celesc informs that there are no additional fees or errors in processing data in the Company's billing.
The increase in light billing for many customers is largely due to the higher energy consumption recorded in recent months, mainly by the use of electrical equipment such as air conditioners and swimming pool motors in periods of high temperatures.
This increase was also confirmed by the high level of energy demand registered by Celesc in the past few weeks. Since December, the record has been defeated three times in three consecutive days – January 15 (4,875MW, January 16 (4,989.82MW) and January 17 (5,030MW).
The Celesc reiterated that the company's electricity tariff had not been adjusted since August 2018 and instructed its customers to carefully check the consumption history and reading period for invoices received. When it comes to consumption variations, customers can compare the current reading on your property meter with the reading shown on the invoice – the difference between the numbers shows how much energy has been consumed in kWh in that period.

Tips to save

Many families have bought air conditioning in the past few years. But to reduce spending, they need to streamline use or move to more modern ones. This is because air is the most energy-consuming device. Protests said the 7,500 BTU device that was online eight hours a night spent $ 169.92 per month. Modern Split devices, also with 7,500 BTUs and the same usage hours, only cost R $ 65.61 per month. This means that in 10 months savings on the account it is possible to pay for a new device.


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