Brazil will take years to get the level of investment conquered by Lula


247 – In an interview with journalist Fernando Rodrigues of Power 360, Central Bank President Ilan Goldfajn said that Brazil would take years to return to the investment level, a stamp of "good pay" long sought by international rating agencies.

"From an optimistic perspective, this could take less than years. But they are not months of questions, they have been for years. What might happen – and has already begun to happen – is that the risks measured by financial markets in CDS have dropped "It has been with 180 and several points. This has already shown that even though rating agencies need more time, the market has begun to fall," he said.

Brazil won investment ratings by international institutions Fitch Ratings and Standard & Poor's for the first time in 2008, in the second term of office of former president Lula (PT). In 2009, this was assessed by Moody's. S & P was the first to take the good Brazilian pay mark in September 2015, the year the coup against President Dilma Rousseff was underway, especially with what was called a bomber that blocked Congress. Fitch and Moody's also removed the label.

In his position since June 2016, when he served as Finance Minister Henrique Meirelles, Ian Goldfajn will leave the post of president of the Central Bank in March, when economist Roberto Campos Neto will take office. For Ilan, the international scenario is no longer so positive compared to what happened. "That does not mean that it will always be worse, but I think the very low interest scenario, with international economic growth, will not have more," he said.

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