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Bolsonaro's decision to regulate the use and transport of weapons in the country releases gun purchases by citizens | Political

  • Understand what has changed in the rules of ownership and ownership of weapons

Gun purchases are possible from the new classification set by those responsible for the decision. In the document, the value of firepower of weapons that can be obtained by civilians has increased fourfold.

The new classification includes a T4 rifle, a weapon used by military tactical forces and produced in Brazil by the Taurus company.

Taurus confirmed to the National Journal that they were only waiting for the decision to sell T4 for civilians. The company said it already had a queue of two thousand people who wanted to buy weapons in a semi-automatic version. And the weapons can be sent within three days of purchase.

According to the decree, the weapon could be bought by a Brazilian.

This would be possible because the federal government's decision, with new rules for ownership and ownership of weapons in Brazil, had changed the classification of weapons that happened to be used.

"The T4 is an assault rifle, for the use of military police. The version that will be available for civilians does not have this option to explode. It was shot in a shot. And that, yes, if citizens meet all legal requirements will be able to have it at home," said Benê Barbosa, a weapons expert and member of the Free Brazil Movement.

Measuring the firepower of weapons is made by the amount of energy released during firing, kinetic energy.

Even before the decree was signed, Brazilians could only buy weapons with kinetic energy of up to 407 joules. This refers to revolvers, 32 and 38 caliber, and 380 caliber pistols.

The decree increases the use limit of weapons by 1,620 joules, which is four times more than what is currently set.

T4, produced in Brazil, caliber 5.56, has a kinetic strength of 1,320 joules.

In this way, a 40-point gun, which is permitted only for police forces, will be permitted; nine millimeters (for the use of federal police) and 45 weapons (used by the Army military).

Official weapon before decree

  • Revolvers, caliber 32 and 38
  • 380 caliber pistols

Weapons are released by decree

  • Point 40 gauge gun
  • 9mm gun
  • 45 measuring pistols
  • Semi-Automatic Carbine
  • T4 rifle

National newspapers have requested, since Friday (17), a position to the Department of Defense and the Planalto Palace.

The Defense Ministry did not comment. At 6:46 pm on Monday (20), the ministry requested that the report seek a Controlled Product Control Board (DFPC), an army military organization that oversees the production and trade of military equipment.

So far, there has been no response.

On Saturday (18), the Planalto Palace informed in a note that the rifle was prohibited from being used and, therefore, citizens could not buy it.

Decrees are questioned in court

Lawyers and weapons specialists Fabrício Rebelo stressed that the decree allowed the sale of rifles for ordinary citizens.

"With these criteria now included in the decree, this rifle, in a semi-automatic configuration, is framed according to the information from the manufacturer itself, which informs the energy produced by the shot, it is framed according to the permitted use," he explained. .

The weapons decree has been in effect since early May. There is still no schedule for regulation but since it was announced, the decree divides opinion.

The Federal Public Ministry, in Brasilia, requested the suspension of the decision. At present, there are three actions against decisions in Federal Courts and three at the Federal Supreme Court (STF).

Groups advocating the use of weapons by the population agreed to the sale of guns to civilians.

"Criminals have never had a problem in obtaining any type of weapon and any type of caliber, that is, they did not suffer any kind of restrictions. Citizens and even police, this always suffers from this type of limitation, because it does not have access to weapons that are compatible it is accessible to criminals, so I think this is very positive because of this power equation, "Barbosa's analysis.

The coordinator of the Rio de Janeiro State University Violence Analysis Laboratory (Uerj) said that rifle sales were a serious problem for public safety.

"The sale of guns to civilians is an extreme step, which does not exist in almost all countries in the world, except the United States, which is a risk to the population insofar as these weapons have greater destructive power. Opposing long-term efforts to try to remove the rifle from the streets of Brazil, "commented Ignacio Cano.

The teacher is worried that he will be released by what represents the rifle in Rio de Janeiro.

"The rifle comes to symbolize violent crime, especially in Rio de Janeiro, so spreading rifles means that these guns, of course some of them, will fall into the hands of criminals or will be used in some crimes," he explained.

Decree about weapons - Photo: Betta Jaworski / G1Decree about weapons - Photo: Betta Jaworski / G1

Decree about weapons – Photo: Betta Jaworski / G1

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