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BioWare will make a new version of Anthem

BioWare will make a new version of Anthem. At least that's what Kotaku journalist Jason Schreier reports, who is well known in the gaming industry. The Canadian company wants to erase the title error released in 2018, resulting in something like the "2.0" game.

Schreier claims to have spoken with three anonymous sources connected to BioWare and EA Games. These people will confirm the plan, but do not give details of whether it will be a new game or even a major upgrade to the existing National Anthem.

One source said the team spent a lot of time analyzing all the problems in the game to understand how to change it.

We have spent the last few months just analyzing and finding what fundamentally needs to be changed – which is a lot. Since then, a few months ago we rebuilt it.

But it does not stop there. BioWare's intention is to fully review the looting and development system, the mission, the social aspects of the National Anthem, the difficulties and the world map. The informant cites as an example the problem of the need to return to Fort Tarshish after all searches.

We also ended the need to return to Fort Tarsis after each mission and think about what the mission was technically. This is always a strange termination. We try to unite certain parts of the game.

However, don't be too excited. Another source from Schreier said that "Anthem 2.0" was still in the experimental stage and nothing was concrete. The way, apparently, is just waiting for the official position of Canadian producers.

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