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Baskets go up in 16 of the 18 capitals examined by Dieese


Within 12 months, food prices increased on average in 15 cities, with Florianopolis (8.15%), Campo Grande (7.58%) and Fortaleza (7.02%), respectively. The lowest average values ​​are Belém (-1.45%), Goiânia (-1.34%) and São Luís (-1.19%).

In the number of accumulated months from 2018, 14 capitals were registered, including Vitória (8.96%), Curitiba (8.40%) and Campo Grande (8.34%). Among those registered to fall were Goiânia (-0.83%, Recife (-0.59%), Christmas (-0.39%) and São Luís (-0.23%).

Dieese calculates the ideal minimum wage in October, based on the most expensive basket in Florianopolis. The minimum monthly amount needed to maintain a family of four must be R $ 3,783.39, equivalent to 3.97 times the current minimum wage of R $ 954. In September, that value was estimated at R $ 3,658.39, or 3.83 times the minimum floor country.

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In the state of São Paulo, basic food basket costs increased 3.05% in relation to September and were the third highest among the 18 capitals surveyed. In the last 12 months, the product range varied by 4.18%; in ten months of 2018, the accumulation was 5.10%.

* Lucas Scatolini – Trainee under the supervision of Alexssander de Paula

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