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Ana Furtado debuts in A Dona do Pedaço to 'save his soul' by Josiane · TV News

Presenter Ana Furtado is back training her actress side in this Friday (15) chapter of A Dona do Pedaço, after a decade away from soap operas. He will play Gerusa, a convict who will encourage Josiane (Agatha Moreira) to attend an evangelical assembly. In the end it will help the bad character to fully transform into the final stretch of the plot.

After winning the Mary of Peace Bible (Juliana Paes), influencers who fail will start reading the Scriptures to spend time, and will eventually be interested. The captain (Miwa Yanagizawa) will pay attention to the interests of his cellmates and change his attitude.

"in the prey here … which changed a lot after he started reading the Bible, went to worship. We know other carnivals. It was in the same neighborhood as me … but never as heavy as me," He would talk to the grandfather of the prison, who will take spoiled to meet Gerusa, Ana's character.

A woman of faith will tell her life story to the villain played by Agatha Moreira. She will say that her husband tried to kill her and, in an effort to get rid of her, finally took his life. "He was too drunk, took a meat hammer to hit me … I saw that I would die, that my children would be without mother and I didn't even know how … I was very sorry … I took a kitchen knife" He will remember .

Josiane will question whether the crime is not self-defense, and Gerusa will deny it. "I can't prove anything. His brother is fine, doing everything to put me in jail … I came here," he would regret. "Sounds like an animal. I just hate the heart … I think life is not fair."

He will show that he really changes when he discovers religion. "But then I found faith … And faith freed me. We have service here. The priest came to worship with us … Come with me, come to service."

Josiane Receives Priest's Prayer in Evangelical Worship in Nine Novel Jails

The convicted killer will say he is not a church visitor, but Gerusa will not surrender. "Just to know. Come here, I'll read you a small piece of the Bible," Ana Furtado's character will insist.

During the service, Josiane will be afraid, but will be welcomed by the priest. "I will not ask what you are doing. God knows your actions. It belongs to Him who must ask forgiveness. Welcome. Sit down," the monk said.

After praying, all prisoners will start asking for divine grace, but the villain will be silent. "I … I can't say," he would confirm. "Tell me. Shorty. Jesus, come to me," will teach Gerusa.

Josiane will then begin to repeat the sentence gently, but it will be filled with energy and he will shout in the middle of prayer. "Jesus, come to me. Jesus, come to me! Jesus come to me!"

"I went to the service without knowing why I was there. But at that moment I had a feeling …", he would try to explain in conversation with the captain after the prayer. The scene will be aired this Friday night by A Dona do Pedaço, a soap opera by Globo.

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