After criticizing Datena, the reporter suffered an attack and made an explosion


Journalist Bruna Drews, who criticized José Luiz Datena for sexual harassment, used Instagram on Monday (21) to make an explosion about various sexist attacks that have been suffered since her testimony about the case, according to information from & # 39; News from TV & # 39; According to the report, journalists closed their profile on social networks for the general public after the huge impact of its history.

"This is the truth! As a former criminal reporter, I know that unfortunately the process of sexual harassment ends most in the payment of basic food basket to the country! I have never asked for anything and I have never blackmailed the presenter!" Bruna wrote in his statement.

"I'm not the one who solved the secrets of Justice, but he did. I learned from my lawyer that he had full access to my labor process, which also took place in secret. That's why I decided to speak. Obviously many witnesses were at the bar (personal friends and Datena employees will not tell the truth. But I am sure he will be clarified by the Judge! "continued the journalist.


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