& # 39; I will not pay R $ 700 thousand for players & # 39;


At a press conference held on Thursday, Andrés Sanchez, president of Corinthians, spoke on several topics, including about the arrival of reinforcements for next season. Agents confirmed that coach Jair Ventura and other coaching staff analyzed a list of 22 names loaned by the Corinthian team and that they must receive a return of '2 to 3 names & # 39; in 2019.

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"Jair has met with Alessandro and Duílio, already has the names of those who will return and who are loaned. Some will remain, others will be loaned again if they have a market. Those who don't, we have to take over and pay the whole contract. "What we want, by the technical commission, is two or three players on their loan," Andrés said.

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"We will bring players. I repeat for supporters, I will not pay 700, 800 and 900 thousand reais, who have three, four Brazilian clubs pay this amount. I will not do this madness again. Here, our ceiling is Cassio, Fagner and Jadson, who are Selecao players, I can't bring in players today, I don't know if it will work, produce 700, 800 thousand reais, this is not fair for those who are here and the level of selection. reinforcements, yes, but with feet on the ground, that's what Brazilian football needs. "

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The President of Corinthians is still talking about the current moment of the team and about the possible departure of coach Jair Ventura, who did not do a good job in front of the Corinthians team.

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"I am guaranteed. In the country where we live, there are five or six clubs out there with Impeachment, but it is not fair to talk about Jair now. We know that the results are not going well, we have a problem in Brasileirão. Our team is not good at the Brazilian Championship, we also have our team, but Corinthians are the team that gets the penalty. You (the press) announce that you have five or six that you don't give. Our team is not good, the players and technical staff know this, we will increase. In this situation, the Corinthians should not, "he finished.

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