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& # 39; Dona del Pedaço & # 39; premiere embarrassing and enchanting as the best novel – Chico Barney's Blog

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There is nothing like the novel by Walcyr Carrasco that calms Brazil. "Dona do Pedaço" tells a love story between the characters Juliana Paes and Marcos Palmeira, deeply disturbed by the fact that they belong to a rival family.

This might seem a little corny, and that's too much. So "Romeo and Juliet" as "The King of Cattle" – and about five hundred novels that are not easy to remember. But beyond the easily identifiable storyline and without more inventions, the debut chapter presents all the elements that make hearing successful:

Beautiful human figure, with the same class always making the role increasingly unrelated to their age in real life. Marvel needs to lend a digital rejuvenation program to actors to keep on climbing the same nickname as the novel's protagonist.

Awkward dialogue, like a classic meeting of good people: "My name is Peace. Maria da Paz," Juliana Paes said. While Marcos Palmeira replied: "A beautiful name, everyone needs peace in the heart, a beautiful name, like the owner." And Juliana Paes smiled, at the same time she began playing "Evidences."

The soundtrack is quite random, mixing Dolly Parton with the classic Revelation and, of course, Chitãozinho and Xororó.

Impossible situation, starting from the excitement of the two rivals after the first dangerous meeting, in addition to the marriage which was markedly hastily drawn.

Total separation from reality, because only the best soap operas can be done. And then I can't even list everything that happened in the opening chapter. I recommend that reader friends try to watch to prove the order fluently.

Of course it is still too early to say what will happen, but "The Dona del Pedaço" starts with everything, embarrassing and enchanting as the best novel. It seems to us that we will have very funny months to come.

We return at any time with new information.

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