"Tonight's new snowy salvo and a nice mess on the road tomorrow morning"


Snow was finally invited to Belgium this Tuesday, January 22. The whole country was covered with thin white cloth and with him lots of traffic problems. But beware, snowfall can still be expected tonight and night.

Like Farid's announcement on Weather-Mons's Facebook page, "The secondary core formed is a little unexpected. The last one will rotate a small snow disturbance near the French border so that a few centimeters will not be impossible. Given the cold air mass at the associated altitude, it will be a splash of beautiful powder but must be on the track".

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For him, even if he determines that the margin of error is possible because of him "It's very difficult to estimate snow in a small area like that", so expect snow near the French border (Mons to Tournai). This might be a little short for Charleroi, Namur but especially Brussels and Liege.

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First snow wave expected "About 22-23 hours on the coast and a little later along the axis of the Tournai-Mons-Beaumont", Farid announced. For him, people can "Hopefully an extra 2 to 4 cm or a good 5 cm side of France! So I predict a good brothel on the road tomorrow morning because snow will harden to form the coming crust to ask news! Minima will stabilize around -1 to 0ºC and south sector winds will move to the southeast then east when the depression begins to stretch ». Therefore, new traffic will be humiliated tomorrow on the road. So be careful.

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Full bulletin Farid de Météo Mons


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