"The Red Devils must wear a star in their jersey", and that is not just any Frenchman who says it …



The 60-year-old French singer, who lives in Brussels again, is "establishing a committee to sue from FIFA the right to Belgium to wear this star"

The show in Brussels this Wednesday night (at Fou Laughs, for the last performance of his poetic show entitled From the memory of loveFrancis Lalanne is full of praise for our national team. And the translator Go home, who lived not far from the Grand Place of Brussels, even carried out militancy for the cause of the Red Devils. "Belgium was the first country to win the first World Cup, recalls the famous Narcisse Lalanne from Fort Boyard. It was against Spain in 1920 at the Olympics. "

A person who is also a columnist at La Premiere in This is almost serious (The show is presented daily by Walid and offers a review of news with a humorous tone) even ensuring that our Red Devils "must wear a star in their jersey. I also prepared a committee to demand from FIFA the right to Belgium to wear this world champion star. "

In short, for this "great football nation" to whom he is "promising a great future" and for whom "The best is before them", anyone who says to himself "solidarity with Thibaut Courtois" also took the opportunity to tempt FIFA a little. "We don't care about the Final Four, it's only there to turn players into men's sandwiches."

Note: From the memory of love from and with Francis Lalanne, this Wednesday, November 28 at 8:15 p.m. Fou Rire of Brussels. Info and reservations: www.fourire.be or via 0483 / 599,229.

>>> Francis Lalanne's full interview can be found this Wednesday in your newspaper La Dernière Heure and at www.dh.be >>>

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