The convoys of Charles Michel and Theresa May were involved in the incident on E42: two policemen with motorcycle injuries


An incident occurred on E42 with a convoy carrying Charles Michel and Theresa May at SHAPE, Mons. Two bikers from the federal police suffered minor injuries.

The Belgian and British Prime Ministers visited Friday morning at the Saint-Symphorien military cemetery in Mons, which was arranged by Germany in 1916. It became the site of the graves of the first and last British soldiers who fell during the First World War.

At the ceremony in front of the camera, soldiers were present, including the Royal Lancers, the British army cavalry regiment, which was owned by George Ellison. The statement at Saint-Symphorien took place in a deep meditation atmosphere.

Charles Michel and Theresa May then took over the SHAPE at Mons.

According to some media, the trip between the Saint-Symphorien Cemetery and SHAPE was marked by an incident where two police officers were injured. A driver will be included in the Prime Minister's convoy on E42. Two police bikers were reportedly shot and wounded.

Charles Michel will immediately order the convoy to stop taking news of two police officers who have fallen. Injured a little, they were transported to the hospital.



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