Friday , May 24 2019
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Tesla cut further in costs

To expand the benefits of the latest capital increase, Elon Musk wants to control costs better. The boss warns his employees about his intentions.

Employees have been notified: a new cost reduction plan will be applied at tesla

. Surely the electric vehicle manufacturer collected $ 2.7 billion at the beginning of the month. CEO and founder Elon Musk even doubled his personal participation in this fundraising (25 million). However, Musk shows that the contribution of new liquidity is not it's a period of 10 months to achieve balance, if nothing is done to reduce costs.


"That is why, in the future, any costs in the world, including spare parts, salaries, travel costs, rent, literally every payment that comes out of our bank account must be checked"explain boss in email. In addition to a thorough examination, However, no specific steps were taken.

Strategy at work

Tesla is currently sailing in troubled waters. The brand raises a lot market interrogation its production and sales capacity with the aim of being a recipient of long-term benefits. Investors also criticize strategies in constant change.

However, at Tesla, everything is tempting to be convincing, such as Model 3 marketing, a cheaper version in the US. In the United States, Tesla also adapted its vehicle prices and launched a leasing service.

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