Tuesday , March 2 2021

Spell Checker: An Occult Antidote to Women in Writing – Science

Antidotes were launched by a team of linguists and computer scientists almost twenty years ago. Spelling checker, dictionary synonyms and expressions, French / English translator … This software is a concentrate tool to repair the pen. This was released today in the tenth version, with the new parameter of current relevance: "inclusivity" mode.

"This button has been claimed by users on both sides of the Atlantic," said Éric Brunelle, president of Quebec publisher Druide. "This is a problem representing two linguistic genres in a text fairly, without making it too heavy." Concretely, Antidote points in terms of pages that can be replaced with the word epicene, that is to say, not gender. For example, instead of talking about "teachers", the software will be corrected by "faculty".

In the latest version, Anti-Bidder software proposes a mode

In the latest version, Antidote software offers a "inclusivity" mode. © Druid

Justice in all is mild

However, software does not apply as strict inclusion as last October's Word update, which was generated by Canard PC magazine. With Antidotes, there is no closeness agreement, systematic doublet ("teacher") or midpoint (the famous "e"). "All this is too heavy, I never managed to do it," I admitted Eric Brunelle. "We focus on epigenesis, Antidote DNA is to change the text to be clear and easy to read."

The "readability" mode is also the second major innovation of Antidote 10. It identifies sentences too long and convoluted, and eliminates repetition. If two words from the same root ("animator" and "animate" for example) are too close, the dictionary provides a list of appropriate synonyms. "We chose to make it appear in the context of relevance and no longer alphabetical," said David Ajami, Druid representative in Belgium. "Students who use software tend to choose the first synonym that comes out, the teachers are fed up with a copy of the word" a "!"

Antidote 10 proposes synonyms in the context of relevance rather than alphabetically.

Antidote 10 proposes synonyms in the context of relevance rather than alphabetically. © Antidote 10 (screenshot)

1.4 million users

Antidote records 1.4 million users worldwide, institutional and personal. David Ajami stressed: "Students really appreciate the function of checking names and numbers that are right for their memories, and Belgian political parties also use them, but we won't say which ones!" Developed by around one hundred collaborators, the enriched bilingual dictionary for each edition contains 2.5 million words and phrases. "Bidder is not a translator, but avoids fake friends and haphazard expressions." A great ally to feel more comfortable in Shakespeare's language.

The Antidote Pack is available on Mac, Windows and Linux. It costs 119 euros for one language (French / English), 159 for both. For users who are already equipped, the update costs 49 euros for one language, 79 euros for both.

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