Ryanair signed an agreement with the Verdi union in Germany


DUBLIN (Reuters) – Ryanair announced on Thursday an agreement with the German Verdi union about working conditions and compensation for aircrew, which would be included in the employee poll on November 13.

Low-cost airlines in Ireland are struggling to calm the slump of their staff in Europe since it decided last December to recognize trade unions for the first time.

The collective agreement concluded Thursday, of the duration of two years, concerns all air crews based in Germany and stressed the adoption of the country's labor laws, including in terms of payroll salaries and other benefits, Ryanair said.

The Verdi Union, which represents a thousand members of the Ryanair aircrew in Germany, stressed that the agreement would only be final after the voting of its members.

"After almost a year of negotiations, Verdi saw the initial agreement as a step forward in improving the working conditions of employees and their salaries," the union said in a statement, adding that he would make more comments after the agreement was completed.

Last month, Ryanair expressed a desire to resolve the latest conflict with his staff ahead of Christmas and thus end the disruption in his activities which weighed on his share price.

Verdi said he still saw as a problem the fact that Ryanair did not allow its employees to set up a work council and had appealed for new rules for the sector as a whole.

Eddie Wilson, director of human resources at Ryanair, said in a statement: "We are happy to sign this agreement with Verdi, which will allow our flight crew based in Germany to get an increase in salaries and other benefits. As long as they choose to support this agreement during the coming week "

"These are tangible signs of Ryanair's substantial progress in reaching agreements with our employees and their unions in many EU countries."

The airline also said that its crew in Italy voted strongly in favor of a three-year collective agreement with the three main trade unions in the sector in September.

Ryanair has also signed recognition agreements with air crew unions in Greece and Sweden.

(Graham Fahy and Maria Sheahan, Claude Chendjou for French Service, edited by Bertrand Boucey)


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