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Polynesia needs more donors

Do you see more donors each year on World Blood Day?
"Yes, fortunately the population seems sensitive to this essential love movement to make all the structures of our hospitals function properly."

How many donors are there today?
"We expect 150 donors, that's the maximum we can do."

Did the reactivation of last year's blood donor association bring more donors ?
"This association allows us to communicate better, collect donations, also place graduation ceremonies, medals … which might increase awareness and also increase our supply."

Have you also texted recently?
"It's a modern and practical way to reach as many donors as possible based on the desired blood characteristics."

There are around 7,000 donors a year in Polynesia, but it's important to have more, because autonomous Polynesia. In what cases do you need blood the most? It is often said that this is an accident …
Yes and no, accidents are a must, but most of the blood consumed is consumed by patients suffering from cancer, gynecology, obstetrics, and also for premature babies. This blood cannot be imported, produced locally. "

Which blood type is needed most?
"Of course, O is the most requested blood, it accounts for 40% of the population but 60% of our consumption. We are always on the edge of a razor about the blood of group O."

You also mentioned to us some time ago that bills for better patient care, especially on remote islands. What will change concretely? And where is this bill right now?
"I am very satisfied, we have made good progress thanks to the Ministry of Health, so we have succeeded in getting a bill passed by the Assembly of the Polynesian Territory, a state law that allows the formation on remote islands, what are called & transfusions in isolation & # 39; a little like the American and French soldiers outside the French border, so we can transfuse extraordinary, complicated, in total isolation, and save lives. "

Copywriting with Sophie Guébel and Naea Bennett

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