pedophile hunting ground, a 41-year-old man was charged


This case happened across the Atlantic, Florida, where the sexual predator was 41 years old, Anthony Gene Thomas, has a relationship with a 17 year old child under the age of 17 on August 25 Fortnite. The victim will not be the only one because, according to investigators, he met more than twenty other young girls.

Fortnite pedophile nest?

Fortnite welcomed a large number of players, both young and old, but pedophiles were very interested in finding their next victim. This is the case of Anthony Gene Thomas, a 41-year-old man living in the United States. He first spoke with the victims of his future through games, then he will offer his prize before meeting him. then this one had sex with him last 25 August then stay in touch until October 2018 before the case broke and the victim's parents filed a complaint after his departure.

The researchers also found several pornographic photos and videos with the girl in smartphone pedophiles. However, that would not be the first trial. Indeed, the police found that the man would meet more than twenty other minors.

The police said that this case was quite disturbing because of that that it involves child pornography and very popular online games that can connect men and minors. In addition, as mentioned earlier, the police have reason to believe that there may be other victims.

For now Anthony Gene Thomas is behind bars in Broward County.


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