other Sacré-Coeur de Mons students will be sent home


The Institute of the Sacred Heart of Mons mourns a sixth grade student. The tragedy happened Sunday morning, in Haute-Savoie, not far from Albertville. Aged 11 years, Augustine suffered from aneurysm. Relief can't do anything …

Groups of students have traveled by train to the French station near Albertville. In the building where the group is located, the young victim feels bad. The situation worsened at night. Then everything goes really fast …


Joël Vanesse, principal of the elementary school, simply stated: « Help comes quickly following the call of our escort team. (…) Psychological assistance was established in France but also in school. "

" Such death is always challenging (…) There is guidance Commenting on Jean Saint-Ghislain, president of the organizing force of the Institute of the Sacred Heart Mons.

► Augustin's friends will also be sent home

► Tribute messages multiply


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