14-11-18 : AUDE – NARBONNE – Sensitization and Information about diabetes in the Polyclinique Languedoc

As part of its education and prevention mission, Languedoc polyclinic organizes in institutions, screening and information campaigns to fight diabetes. Objective: to make patients and visitors aware of the disasters of modern times that affect more than 3 million French people.

On World Diabetes Day, November 14, 2018, diabetes screening workshop will be prepared for users and visitors. This screening will be free, anonymous, without promise and without having to fast.

French people are concerned but lack information …

Diabetes is manifested by excess sugar in the blood due to lack of insulin. This can be genetic, physiological (overweight, hormonal) or induced by the person's lifestyle. This is a serious illness that, without proper treatment, can cause heart disease, blindness, impotence and even amputation.

Diabetes is a global scourge and our country is inevitable: 3 million French people now suffer from diabetes. For this number added diabetics who don't know each other, more than 700,000 French. Every day, almost 400 patients are newly diagnosed and by 2020, the number of people treated will double in Hexagon.

AUDE - NARBONNE - Sensitization and Information about Diabetes in the Polyclinique Languedoc

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