Saturday , May 8 2021

Most Belgians do not know that diesel fuel in pumps contains palm oil

Belgium is largely opposed to the use of palm oil in motor fuel and yet 87% of them do not realize that the diesel fuel sold at the pump contains this vegetable oil, according to a survey commissioned by environmental NGOs. On Wednesday, they launched the international #NotInMyTank campaign (not in my tank) against the use of palm oil in fuel. Belgian people are not the only one: most Europeans (82%) do not know that "They pour palm oil into their tank when they refuel diesel, according to a survey conducted by Ipsos with 4500 Europeans in nine countries.

Belgium is largely opposed to the use of palm oil in fuel

Asked about their possible support for measures to end political support and subsidies for palm oil on biodiesel in Europe, 69% of respondents liked this change, with only 14% opposed it. 16% without opinions about that question. Belgium is largely opposed to the use of palm oil in fuel: 66% oppose it, 14% do not oppose and 20% oppose opinion. According to environmental NGOs, including the Federation of Inter-Environment Wallonia (IEW), expanding the use of palm oil in motor fuel in Europe is driving deforestation and draining of peat swamps in Southeast Asia. . "Biodiesel made from palm oil has an impact three times worse for the climate than fossil diesel, but it is already dangerous. In 2017, 51% of palm oil used in Europe ended up in tanks of cars and trucks. This makes the driver the number one (even though unconscious) consumer of palm oil in Europe", then IEW.

Soon a " European day of action"

Faced with these findings, an international coalition of environmental NGOs launched a campaign Wednesday to encourage the European Commission to implement the phasing out of palm oil in diesel. The citizen petition was launched while the #NotInMyTank campaign peaked inside European day of action", with several events in Rome, Madrid, Berlin, Paris, Stockholm and Brussels in Berlaymont, the headquarters of the European Commission.

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