More lentils, rice, and beans … The health of the French people changes its recommendation to "five fruits and vegetables a day"


French Public Health launched its new diet recommendations Tuesday.

While Public Health France published Tuesday, January 22, its new recommendations on diet, physical activity, and relaxed lifestyles, Anne-Juliette Serry, head of the Food unit and the organization's physical activity, said, on Franceinfo, that the final call for more beans , whole products and nuts.

franceinfo: Why did this recommendation develop?

Anne-Juliette Serry: They have not changed since 2001, and science funds have developed significantly: nutrition is a relatively new science, we learn new things every day, so it is important to develop these recommendations to give new advice to France. eat better.

How big are you?

The message "five fruits and vegetables a day" is still there, but today we also recommend eating more beans, beans and lentils, for example, a more complete product, such as whole pasta or whole rice, and then we also recommend eat nuts, almonds, nuts, hazelnuts, which are very interesting because they are rich in omega 3.

Also there is always this recommendation to practice 30 minutes of physical activity a day …

Of course, we complement the recommendations for an inactive lifestyle, because, once again, scientific studies have developed, and we know that it's important to be active and not become inactive. This means you don't have to spend too much time sitting or lying down, and if you have office work, think about getting up regularly, running every two hours. It is important to be active every day, we can exercise when we like, it's good to walk 30 minutes a day, but when we have the opportunity, it's good to rest as much as possible a relaxed lifestyle and wake up regularly.

What are the health benefits of following this recommendation?

The benefits are many. We know that a balanced diet can greatly reduce the risk of cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity, being overweight. At present, malnutrition is a significant risk of chronic illness, so it has a real health impact every day.

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