Mercato is hidden by young players


There are many "small" clubs in Europe who complain about seeing European football giants underestimate their recruits, and this at a very young age. When Football Leaks revealed, the Belgian team had no choice but to negotiate with big clubs, with all their wisdom. More than developing, it is money as shown by the case of Jeremy Doku, born in 2002, and recently approached by Liverpool.

In transferring their children, parents are sometimes busy getting out of the game, young Adrien Bongiovanni has moved from Standard to Monaco. About that, at the beginning of the 2015 negotiations, the boy was only 15 years old, and several regulatory points could hinder the signing of the contract. But the discussion continued. Parents themselves ask to be placed in the kingdom and the father asks for work instead of transfer. For the new Bongiovanni contract in 2017, it is expected, in addition to a salary of 20,000 euros and a signing bonus of 300,000 euros, a housing allowance of 5,510 euros and a "father paying" from 1,800 euros as of June 2019.

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