Wednesday , October 28 2020

Jumbo, a new heavyweight among Belgian supermarkets


The Dutch supermarket giant arrived in Belgium with big ambitions.

It's not every day that new supermarket chains open in Belgium. Coming with the Colruyt reason (low price), but also competing with others, Jumbo has ambition. If this Dutch brand might not be the most famous francophone party in the north of the country, it already has a solid reputation. Many Dutch speakers cross the border to shop at the great competitor Albert Heijn on his land. Number 2 in the Dutch retail market has 670 subsidiaries (80,000 employees) and has a turnover of 7.8 billion euros, or 20% of market share.

If its CEO, Frits van Eerd, said he would not start a price war with Colruyt and other competitors, opening his first store in Pelt (2 more stores are still expected by the end of the year). has forced the Belgian group to revise several dozen of its prices in stores near Jumbo.

Passionate about racing and sponsoring a cycling team with big ambitions, including Wout Van Aert in his ranks, Jumbo intends to make a name for himself in our region with the motto to make its customers true fans of the brand. In addition to the mature marketing that Jumbo has forced himself in the Netherlands. One of the most successful is undoubtedly the shopping basket offered to every customer who will be the fourth in line at check out without an additional cashier opening. Frits van Eerd, however, said he would not duplicate this concept in Belgium, even if the main lines of the brand would be similar to those developed in the Netherlands. Thus, low prices, excellent services, and a very wide variety are the keys to Jumbo wherever it moves.

If the supermarket chain does not intend to declare a price war in Belgium, and it will be difficult to do so for now with a single point of sale, it is clear that in the long run, with hundreds of stores deployed in Flanders, it will do damage. Carrefour and its hypermarkets, but also Delhaize, not looking as sure as Colruyt, said there was no need to fear this new actor. And for good reason, besides its cheap price, Jumbo wants to make fresh products (Belgium) one of its main assets.

The layout of the shops does not, in any way, resemble savings from Colruyt rays. On the contrary, everything is very neat, closer to the Delhaize aesthetic where Carrefour's recent renovations. It was also rumored that Jumbo would not be limited to Flanders and would already be actively looking for locations elsewhere in the country. This is enough for a card reshuffle once more in an area where Delhaize, Carrefour, Cora and Macro multiply other initiatives and transformation plans to avoid losing market share if they don't win …

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