Friday , January 15 2021

Jo Vandeurzen will leave politics

Belgian Policy

This CD & V personality is the Minister of Justice for two years.

Jo Vandeurzen, 60, plans to end his political career at the national level, announcing the person in an interview published on Saturday Het Belang van Limburg.

The Flemish Public Health Minister, however, does not advance the path for his future outside of elections in May 2019. "I have no plans, I don't have a job offer, I leave all the doors open"He said. Mr. Vandeurzen will not enter the top list next year for CD & V in the province of Limburg, nor is he a candidate for the new portfolio of ministers. "I am 60 years old. If I want to give another turning point for my career, I have to do it now, and political parties need to focus on renewal and rejuvenation," he said. he said in the daily.

Mr. Vandeurzen has been in charge of health and family for almost 10 years in the Flemish government. He began his political career for 36 years with former CVP Genk. He also served as Chair of the CD & V for three years, as a Member of Parliament and Minister of Justice for two years.

The announcement caused many reactions in his camp, CD & V chairman Wouter Beke described himself "Limburg driving companion" humans work "very difficult "," with hearts for people. "" Someone you can trust with your eyes closed. "

Other CD & V ministers welcomed their colleagues, such as Flemish Minister Hilde Crevits and Federal Minister Koen Geens.

Outside the partisan border, liberal minister Bart Tommelein, Jo Vandeurzen's colleague to the Flemish government, reacted by arousing the pleasure of working with "Jo". "My pride for you as a man is great," He added.

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