Jean-Pierre Pernaut revealed the return date in 13 hours TF1


In a recovery to cure prostate cancer, the presenter will return to present his book from Monday, November 12.

"J-3! I can't wait to meet you on the news broadcast at 1pm," Jean-Pierre Pernaut said on Friday morning on Twitter. Since September 24, the 67-year-old journalist has been replaced by Jacques Legros. "He's fine," he told us in a recent interview. "He sees the news at 13 every day and thinks we're not too bad," he added.

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In a video posted on Twitter a month ago, Jean-Pierre Pernaut has convinced the most loyal viewers: "Some newspapers have found that there are complications, that I was in the medical room, with a nurse present 24 hours a day, that was wrong. Everything is going well, "he said about his operation to treat prostate cancer.

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A week after this big comeback on the TF1 news broadcast for 13 hours, Jean-Pierre Pernaut will receive 30 candidates for the Miss 2019 election. The tradition he preserves from year to year and will be respected again. After a press conference on Monday morning November 19 at TF1 headquarters, young women aged between 18 and 24 will come, along with Sylvie Tellier, to the new TF1 arrangement which was inaugurated at the start of the season.


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