Monday , July 26 2021

Independence Day 2: why Will Smith refused to play in the film – Voltage

In 1996, Independence Day fell to the film and became great success worldwide. One year later Bad Boys. the film confirms Will Smith as a big screen star and really launched the extraordinary career that we know today.

But when 20 years later, planned suite in a sci-fi blockbuster, The actor refused to continue his role Captain Steven & # 39; Eagle & # 39; Hiller.

Will Smith wants to maintain his artistic independence

During pre-film production Independence Day: Resurrection, director Roland Emmerich, who was responsible for the first work, brought Will Smith's scenario so he integrates casting again. At that moment The actor rejected the German director's proposal for a history of artistic choiceas he explained at that time.

I have two scenarios in front of me, namelyIndependence Day 2 and that from Suicide Squad. I have to choose between the two. choose Suicide Squad (…) That is to make a choice to try to advance against it to survive and return.

Both of them came out in 2016, Suicide Squad carrying $ 746 million worldwide where rivals brought 389. Economic victory goes to Will Smith.

Independence Day: resurrection broadcast tonight TF1 at 9 o'clock in the evening.

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