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Mr. Voyer was first approached by the former Minister of Health, Gaétan Barrette to ensure that the development of Humanitæ was well-oriented. He finally worked with Heritage Groups to develop concepts inspired by European practices in this field, especially in the Netherlands, where a village dedicated to people with Alzheimer's disease was built.

However, it is explained that one cannot precisely model one foreign model because of the Quebec climate. The Heritage Group then decided to take inspiration from principles such as freedom, employment, exploitation of activities and the environment of residence and family.

The ground floor, dedicated to public areas, is subtly divided into sections ranging from gardening to general stores and from beauty and hairdressing salons to bistros.

For those who want to get fresh air in the inner courtyard, the coat is hung near the door in cold weather if there are residents who forget. Finally, the farmhouse will hold chickens and goats. While some may tempt pelvic fish, more manuals will be able to shovel or even string wood.

As for households on the floor, they include laundry, workshop and laundry rooms.

"The more they feel in prison, the more frustrated, the more behavioral problems, the more we find the level of use of antipsychotics like we have today in Quebec," said Philippe Voyer. . According to the Canadian Foundation for Health Services Improvement, Quebec has the highest antipsychotic prescription rate in Canada, between 40% and 60%.


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