How does Infrabel plan to fight cable theft (PHOTOS)



Ten hours late every day. This is the consequence, only for October (!), Cable flights are on the track since June. Criminal actions whose effects affect victims of collateral: finance – the cost of a single flight averages between 15,000 and 20,000 euros – Infrabel, network manager, but also its staff and commuters. On Tuesday evening, in the Ham-sur-Heure-Nalinnes meadow, Infrabel launched a request that was barely disguised by the legislator by flying, unseen by pilots, civilian aircraft equipped with thermal cameras. The message is simple: Infrabel is ready to use drones and technology makes it possible. But legislative barriers remain.

Changes in legislation

Indeed, the two prohibitions hinder the ambitions of public companies. primoA pilot cannot fly a drone without visual contact with his plane. second, the use of surveillance cameras in the open is very limited by legal cameras. Thank you for Tuesday night's demonstration, which was amazingly authorized by the Directorate General of Air Transportation, a public company, which seemed to be seized, so sending letters to political decision makers. "This is the solution that we have been thinking for a long time. But so far, that has not been justified. Given the rise of cable theft, our request is now legal. This is a technological solution at a reasonable cost while the problem is very big for the company"said Frédéric Sacré, spokesperson for Infrabel.

The numbers go in that direction. In 2017, 104 flights were recorded on the tracks. Between June and October this year, 225. Today, Infrabel can no longer speak, as has been done since the National Action Plan against cable theft launched in mid-2013, From "epiphenomenon". Installing cameras to monitor 7000 kilometers of rail network is too expensive, railroad police have sufficient resources, replacing copper wires with aluminum cables is not always possible and an alternative to burying cables in concrete to protect those who are too tiring in case of failure … Use of drones quickly emerged as the best solution to get their hands on an organized band, this big fish that pulled smaller, found that crime remained unpunished.


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