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Honorary prize: Dying Light 2 – The Golden Pixels E3 2019: The best game of the show


A very good surprise in 2015 and with the longevity that still respects it, Dying Light has been characterized by a skilled mix between survival, parkour and close combat. With this in mind, Techland's poles have placed a large plate on offering more successful licenses.

No less than 45 minutes, Techland gave us a different mechanic that would regulate Dying Light 2. And for many reasons, the title looks like a continuation of an interesting solid concept. First, regarding gameplay, fans must be on a known field. Parkour will allow running walls, jumping walls, rolling slides … in short, the entire panel of movements that, during our presentation, have been chained with impressive energy and fluidity. Close combat will always be at the heart of the battle system and will lead to the execution of brutality that won't have to blush against the face of the genre canon.

But Techland's new ambition lies in its scenario and branch. Rather linear and agreed upon in the first episode, the Dying Light 2 scenario seems to have a philosophy of the principle of "choice / consequence". Techland announces that depending on your choice, you can eliminate 50% of game content, ensuring that the replayability that we imagine is very large, especially because the gaming world is large and dense.

The first Dying Light has shone by exemplary follow-up from its developers, who this year again proved to us that they intend to take good care of their franchisees. Dying Light 2 should be a big surprise when released, expected during the second quarter of 2020.

Trailer E3 2019 from Dying Light 2

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