Funeral of Philippe Gildas: Antoine de Caunes plays a bad trick for José Garcia (pictured)


Dress code is worn: white night. This is the type of advertisement that you can read before a stiff night where guests have to come in white. Antoine de Caunes also trusted his friend José Garcia at the funeral of Philippe Gildas. The three men knew each other well and had made beautiful television days, between 1987 and 1997, on Canal +, "Nulle Part Ailleurs".

The program, which is made of many jokes and diverse, will have the latest edition on Monday, November 6, at a farewell ceremony held in honor of TV man Philippe Gildas, died at the age of 82 on the night of October 27-28 "
Antoine de Caunes really believed in Jose Garcia that Maryse, wife of Philippe Gilda, had said all the white dress codes to say goodbye to Philippe.
", Explain writer Laurent Chalumeau in the media of 20 Minutes.

On charges of revenge

José and his delightful wife Isabelle Doval, guaranteed damage to the innocent, appeared in white clothing, with the exception of their coats, like at a pool party at Eddy Barclay's villa in Saint Tropez.
"He continued."
What was not their disappointment in finding that they were clearly the only ones to whom this instruction had been communicated

Fortunately, the bad trick played by Antoine de Caunes to his friend made the assembly laugh and the wife of Philippe Gildas. José Garcia reacts on Twitter saying he "
still have
By his friend who answered briefly, "
I assume
". We want to get revenge promised by José Garcia.


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